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Uzak DVD has been released by Moon Film


Blind Love_ Story

Two young people, one a hitman, the other a prostitute, answer an ad to

share an apartment-one takes days, the other, nights. Without ever seeing

each other, they develop a strong bond. Shot entirely without dialogue, this

striking film manages to convey such intense senses of smell, taste, and

touch, giving it a visual vibrancy that propels the wordless tale.


Filmmaker & His work

Janghun Troy Choi was born and raised in Korea, South. At the age of 24, he

came to the United States of America for his film studies. Janghun majored

in Film Studies, a film theory & history based program, at

UC-Berkeley(University of California at Berkeley) and made his thesis and

directional debut film, Blind Love(2006). Based on his own film theory, he

exploits both sound and visual imagery to present a compelling story of

love. In Blind Love, which is both written and directed by himself, Janghun

truly challenges the limits of cinematic style and the forms of

storytelling. As a filmmaker, he wants to communicate his vision of the

world's tomorrow and inspire the generation who can make it a reality.

Janghun is making a living as an independent filmmaker in the United States

and currently working on his second commercial film project, Flight.