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MOON Hong-Sik


Executive Producer & Director / MOON Hong-sik

Born in 1969

Next film : Director / Producer / Screenwriter / The Ticket Bus >>

Writer . Director . Art . Edit / Sacrifice >>

Producer / "Blind Love"  Flexiff International Film Festival 2006 - BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD >>

Director / Producer / Screenwriter / Planner for the film Sunyoung's Letter, 35 mm >>

Actor for the theater Company Minye

Actor for KBS ( Korean Broadcasting System ) in more than 300 episodes of various dramas

Composed TV drama series 6th Secrets original song (KBS TV 1996)

Writer for 7 TV dramas including: Karma, The Salmon and Graduation in 57 years

Writer for 6 plays including: Full ship and The Cave

a movie textbook writer

Introduction to Film Making for the Youth, published by Sigongsa Press in April 2001 >>

Taught for the division of films and theaters, Neunggok High school, Goyang city


E-mail   : moonfilm@moonfilm.co.kr