The intention of the project

The Iraq war continued for 5 years produced a lot of civilian victims including those of multinational force.

Korea sent troops around 3,700 soldiers as the third largest followed by America and England.

The film <Sacrifice>would like to deliver the sadness of the minor-power nations led by the major-power America, and the pains of the individuals and their family who have to sacrifice themselves for their countries in the unjustifiable war.




This film is about the motifs of the justification for dispatching troops of Korean soldiers to the Iraq War who returned as a handful of ashes based on a true story, and the answerless sacrifices among Korean government under the control of the strong, the individual sacrifice by devoting the soldier's life for his country, and the weak countries led by the strong countries.




Director's Comments


I'm a film director in Korea, the only divided country on earth.

My country and my people have been lived in a state of tension by the truce for 59 years since the Korean war.  They are victims of the war.  Besides our parents haven't even confirmed life and death of their families separated by the war.

My country, Korea is a powerless country under the control of America in military, culture, industry and spirit with 30,000 US troops stationed.


A scar from the Iraq war is the pain to all of us, and the outrage of the strong is threatening the world peace. 


This film is dedicated to the all victims who were sacrificed for the Iraq war.










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