Sunyoung's Letter      2002, International Film Festival Rotterdam_ Official Invitation













Born from a blind father and a mute mother, Sunyoung carries on the family tradition of life in a circus, as an acrobat performer, and lives a satisfying life. Due to the nomadic lifestyle of the circus, Sunyoung loses the chance to enter school and thus lives the life as an illiterate person.
After arriving at the newly developed city, Il-san, Sunyoung's family slowly finds that it is difficult to adjust to the life in a big city. Her father and mother are troubled by the certain destiny of a non-handicapped child to live a life of an illiterate person.



Sunyoung : age 9 / LEE, Yun-jae

Having missed the opportunity to get an education, Sunyoung lives the life of a circus performer. Her father is blind and her mather is mute and deaf.

Sunyoung helps her parents to communicate each other.

Sangku : late 30's / KWON, Ik-gyu

As a child, Sangku looked forward to entering school, but as he got older, he gradually lost his eyesight. He was unable to get education and ended up continuing the family tradition of life in the circus

Sunim : mid 30's / JEONG, Su-min

Being unable to help her daughter, Sunim always feels guilty toward her child.

Also, she is worried about the life of her unborn child and feels helpless.



Staff _



Written / Directed / Produced by MOON, Hong-sik

Co-produced by PARK, Chan-hee

Photographed by KIM, Young-cheol

Edited by GYEONG, Min-ho

Composed by LIM, Taek-su / KIM, Young-dong

Designed by MOON, Hong-sik

Sound Engineer / LEE, Sang-ho



Director's Comments

Writer & Director / MOON, Hong-sik

During the Japanese annexation of Korea before 1945 and post Korean War times, the circus was one of few cultural performances that comforted the Korean people's 'Han' and sadness. However, the reality of the Korean circus then was that it lacked the luster of those in the West. The film is based on the true story of a circus performer and his illiterate daughter, Sunyoung as they try to overcome their difficulties. Their life story is not only about Sunyoung's disabilities, but also a reflection of adverse aspects in society.


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Writer for 6 plays including: Full ship and The Cave

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