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Korean Competitors at Barcelona Fest  / 07-03-02






The ninth edition of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival has selected KIM Tae-yong¡¯s Family Ties (Gajokui Tansaeng), LEESONG Hee-il¡¯s No Regret(Hoohwehaji Anha) and ROH Gyeong-tae¡¯s The Last Dining Table (Majimak Babsang) for its competition.

Barcelona will host the festival from April 27 until May 6. The festival presents contemporary Asian cinema. Besides feature films, Barcelona also includes sections for digital projects and animations. HYAZGAR(Desert Dream) by Korean-Chinese director ZHANG Lu will open the film festival.

Family Ties deconstructs the traditional family in three related narratives. The film received critical acclaim and was awarded at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

No Regret is the top grossing independent film at the Korean box office. The gay-themed film revolves around the relationship between a wealthy man and a male escort. Distributor Fortissimo obtained the international distribution rights for the film at last year¡¯s Pusan International Film Festival.

The Last Dining Table is an experimental film. Dialogue is virtually absent. The film leaves a strong impression of society¡¯s neglected side through a well-edited combination of rhythmic imagery and musical score. The 2006 Pusan International Film Festival and the 2007 Sundance Film Festival are among the festivals where the film was screened.