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Korean companies attend American Film Market / 2004-02-26






The American Film Market, one of the most important annual events
for buyers and sellers of films, is being held this year from
February 25 to March 3 in Santa Monica, California.

All of the major international sales companies from Korea will be
in attendance, screening Korean films and trying to close
distribution deals with countries from around the world.
Particular attention is being paid to this event, as Korean
Silmido and Taegukgi will receive their
international market premiere, and will attempt to secure sales to
the North American market.

Korean international sales companies in attendance include
Cineclick Asia, Cinema Service, CJ Entertainment, KangJeGyu Films,
KM Culture, Mirovision, Showbox and Tube Entertainment, among
others. The following Korean films will be screened:

Samaritan Girl (Cineclick Asia)

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (Cinema Service)
The Legend of the Evil Lake (Cinema Service)
Silmido (Cinema Service)
Too Beautiful To Lie (Cinema Service)

The Greatest Expectation (CJ Entertainment)
Once Upon a Time in High School: Spirit of Jeet Kune Do (CJ
The Uninvited (CJ Entertainment)

Tae Guk Gi (Kang JeGyu Films / Showbox)

Ice Rain (KM Culture)

The Circle (Mirovision)
Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise (Mirovision)
Sweet Sex & Love (Mirovision)
Sword in the Moon (Mirovision)

Au Revoir, UFO (Tube Entertainment)
...ing (Tube Entertainment)
Natural City (Tube Entertainment)

More information can be found at the American Film Market's website
http://www.afma.com. For this year only, the AFM
will also be held in the fall as it moves to a new slot in the year.